What does my child need to bring to Camp?

Campers should bring a towel, hat, sunscreen (apply 30 minutes prior to camp), long sleeve shirt, a change of dry clothes and a sweatshirt for cool mornings.  All personal belongings should be labeled and brought in a backpack (also labeled).  You can purchase some items, such as sunscreen, prior to the first day of camp.  

 Is it safe?

Mitch Colapinto has been a lifeguard for 23 years.  Every year he is required to attend a two day, first-aid training and must be re-certified in CPR.  It is required that all full-time staff are trained in CPR and first-aid and keep their status current.  We maintain a 1:5 instructor to camper ratio and require that a member of our staff act as a lifeguard at all times.  In addition, during most hours of operation, an Orange County lifeguard is on duty from 10 am to closing.  

What is the Instructor to student ratio?

There is one instructor for every five students.

If I carpool, may I have someone else drop of my child/children?

Yes, please provide a note and have the driver picking up your child sign out at the end of the day.

Where can I park?

Metered parking is available on Camino Capistrano.

May I observe my child?

Parents are welcome to observe their child on Fridays.  We recommend that parents do not come everyday as, we have found, it takes away from their own child's experience.  Of course, you are always welcome and we do encourage parents and family members to join their children on the last day of the week to take pictures and video.

Do I need to pack a lunch for my child?

You will need to provide a lunch for your child Monday through Thursday and if you you signed up for a single drop in on those same days.  All participants will be able to enjoy Friday pizza.  A local deli also provides a sack lunch for a fee.  More details are provided in our e-mail updates.

Will my child be grouped with friends?

Campers will be grouped with siblings and/or friends the first day of camp.  If they are attending for a single day they will integrated to one of the groups.  

Does Cola's Surf Camp have permits?

Yes, Cola's surf camp is fully insured and licensed and obtains all of the necessary permits required by the State of California and local agencies.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, your child should be able to swim two lengths of a pool unassisted.